Little India of Singapore carries her colourful and vibrant little buildings (like below) and flower garlands like her favourite insignia. While they make for interesting and colourful pictures, I find the clash of various hues too overwhelming at times. Colours could also distract and divert too much attention of the viewer from the main elements and story of the photograph.

Little India-1311
Colours of Little India


Enters black and white photography, where contrast of tones make a greater impact than palettes of raging colours. For this session, I focused my attention on: leading lines (provided by building structures) and moments of event worth freezing. Nonetheless, I believe I should work harder on one unifying concept to challenge myself a little more, perhaps even accumulating more photos before posting them up.


One small exception: I love the largely muted tone of this shot, featuring Rhina (A student from Singapore Polytechnic) from New Delhi,  and his Boss, both of whom wholeheartedly agreed to post for this candid shot. They were willing to share their smiles with me and this is one of those moment which make street photography priceless 🙂