“My foot feels weird”

I stared, then hurriedly flicked the inch-long leech away from my right foot.

“Does this big fellow here sting?” Wei May asked as she inspected the huge ant on the tree trunk she was leaning against.

“Well, it packs a powerful jaw but they do not produce stinging toxin like those tiny red ants do. So, no worries,” I replied.

Wei May the Model

The portrait session with my crazy, cool and sometimes bipolar (she’s a pessi-optimist, if there is ever such a thing) friend thus took flight in high spirit in the forest of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in one fine morning.

Smile! 🙂

Friend. Such term is given to those in your life that you tend not to contact for eons, but will fully engage in spiritual level of conversations when fate whimsically decides that you both should meet again after time immemorial.  Wei May is indeed a true friend of mine who also happens to be a natural model. What better way to celebrate the years of friendship with her if not a portrait session in the leech and ant infested jungle 😀

The Nightingale of the Forest

Have I ever imagined myself one day as a portrait photographer when I first met Wei May? Never.

Yet volatile and strange are the webs of destinies and fate, where the tides of fortunes and happenstances ebb and flow like the ever changing torrent in a water fall. Time will tell what other great photography work lies ahead of this partnership with a trusty friend 🙂

The Flow of Fate