It has been month since I last posted an update on WordPress. I have not understood why people struggled to write blogs until the inertia and the vicissitudes of life struck me like a freight train somewhere near august 2015. Blogs, regardless of the pleasure one may derive from producing the, are after all a mentally taxing task where one synthesizes words and orchestrates media into a consumable piece of social media fodder.

Fleeting as a blog may be, I purpose to leverage on it to fight my indolence on polishing my writing ability for my upcoming IELTS examination.

A pictorial journey through my night time ascension onto the Fushimi-Inari Temple on 2015 December shall serve as the opening blog for 2016.

The Fushimi-Inari shrine of Kyoto, famous as it is, is infamously crowded during the afternoon. My reluctance of taking photos of tourist attractions flooded with people is reflected in the photos above and I regretted that (more on that in future posts). The hike up the Senbon Torii during late-evening and night was also positively frightening due to the mythical and horror imbued setting of the pathways and statues.

I was, however, rewarded with the quiet and astounding view of the temple structures at night as the crowd dissipated into nothingness.

Beautiful as it was, I could not help but wonder as I left the shrine: are my photos identical to other millions of tourists that had taken the same photo in the same place? What then, is my purpose of travelling? Am I just another photo souvenir collector that needs to have the been-here-done-that photographs around the world?

That autumn in Fushimi-Inari Shrine,  an ascension in my philosophy of travel and photography has begun.