I hail from Port Klang, a little trading port nestled in the Klang Valley of Selangor, Malaysia. While the majority of the populations bemoan the stagnated and/or segregated development of different parts of the country, I came to appreciate the “time-capsule” effect it has on many heritage trades and good ol-fashioned wet market in my town: in some places of Port Klang, I still find scenes that, when captured, looked convincingly 1990s.

Inspired by the works of Steve McCurry and Alex Webb, I tried to capture some of those moments in colours and continue to hone my skill in documentary photography at the Port Klang Wet Market. Do take a moment to view through the Photo Essay Below and critique positively as you will! For my part.. I believe I should incorporate more details shots, chiaroscuro, figure-ground, shadows, and experiment more with lower-angle shots.